About Me

Hi, I’m Vicky,
My husband is a grain farmer and we savor our country life in a small Iowa farming community. We have two adult daughters, a grandson, a granddaughter, and 3 dogs. We’re very blessed to be able to spend the days with our grandbabies and spoil them rotten while their parents are at work.
I’m an ardent DIYer and have a huge enthusiasm for using reclaimed items, recycled materials, glass, and wire to create unique pieces for the garden or home. I’m very fortunate that my husband hauls salvage when he’s not farming, which usually provides me with “little treasures” to create with. Many times, its those treasures that unexpectedly inspire something unique.
A longtime passion for glass art prompted me to open my Glassic Artistry Etsy shop in 2011. My Etsy shop is still active.. though I must admit it gets neglected through warm weather months because I’d rather be doing activities outside. Crafting and creating have always played a big role in my life. Quite often, I don’t have one project completed before a couple more are buzzing around in my head. For me, the most challenging and funnest step, in designing, is figuring out that little touch of something special or unexpected to make it my own… I like to call it the “glassic touch”.
Many things make me happy ……..
– Playing with our grandbabies, of course.
– Long days of treasure hunting at garage sales, tag sales, or junk jaunts with my daughters, sisters, and friends. Its exciting when something just “jumps out at ya” and you know you have to have it. We call it the “I didn’t know I needed it til I seen it syndrome”.
– Working in my garden. My garden is like a faithful friend. She’s an ever changing work in progress and I spend many happy hours with her during the summer.
– I can’t get enough of Pinterest, who can?!
– I appreciate the cool days of spring and fall for short hikes on trails or a walk through the timber. Mushroom hunting is a MUST in the spring!
– Quiet free time in my basement workshop to design or explore new techniques. There’s always something new to learn.
– Any chance to be near the water… even if it is just to wade in or sit and listen to the babble of the creek at the bottom of our hill.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi. Never hav been involved in a “blog” before so bear with. I would love to try making these but don’t know where to start finding parts. Friends will give me bottles but the lids, finials etc. Where to find them at a reasonable cost. Thanks.

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    • Hi Ellen, I find a lot of my stuff, and lamps, at tag sales, thrift stores, garage sales, and antique malls. When I see something at a sale, I take it apart in my mind to determine how many pieces I can get out of it. If it’s something interesting that has a hole for stacking, or I can drill a hole in it, I grab it. Finials can be expensive, especially vintage ones. Most hanging lamps on chains have finials, metal pieces, and washers and nuts too, so keep an eye out for them at garage sales. Sometimes you can find groups (lots) of finials and lamp pieces on Ebay, or Etsy. If you plan on using threaded rods to hold your creation together, make sure the finials have the larger hole to fit the rod. If not, they can be glued on. Really, anything can be used as a finial if it’s to be glued on and you like the shape; game pieces, large marble, round drawer pulls, etc. Hope this helps – Good Luck and Happy treasure hunting!


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