Our Elfun Christmas Tree

This is just for kicks, and, I think, a fitting ending to the year.  I love seeing all the beautiful Christmas trees others post on line, so I thought I’d share mine.


I wanted to really brighten up the Christmas tree this year and make it more fun for the kids.  I had a few elves and some red and green lights in mind when I made a trip to town a couple weeks ago.  That was before my daughter, grand-kids, and I went into Hobby Lobby!  A decoration wonderland!!

With my grandson’s encouragement, I loaded my cart with garland, mesh ribbon, lights, and bright, funky sprigs. Oh yes, and elves, one large one and 8 small ones. All of our new treasures, along with some red, green, and white decorations from a couple years ago, would do our tree up just dandy.

20161126_190155  20161202_140643

Our elves got a little added sparkle with glitter gel pens, shiny metallic pipe cleaners, and bells on all their toes.


Mr. Big Elf is in front for all to see, and there’s a little one playing peek-a-boo on a low branch of the tree.

20161209_131007   20161209_132823

There’s smiling elves, peeking out all over, as sprite as can be …

20161202_130623  20161202_134955

20161202_135232  20161202_223130

20161209_130919  20161209_132648

And even a silly one hanging upside down, from his knees.


I wish you a Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year, and many blessings for a joyous holiday season!


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